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Through Mita’s journey – she provides a space with a range of offerings of Complimentary Wellbeing Therapies

- she guides supports and aids healing via different modalities to evoke the senses and to - align your mind, body and spirit through MEDITATION, which deepens relaxation, and to create balance and harmony through REIKI – Universal LIFE FORCE ENERGY.

I welcome you with an open heart and invite you on a journey of self-discovery. To be inquisitive and open minded, to embrace an alternative way of connecting with your mind body and soul.My journey stems from the love of all things mystical and magical – crystals and angels.



The positive energy, spiritual alignment and harmony that crystals bring to so many makes them an alluring and magical healing gift! I invite you to look through my collection of gemstones, geodes, tumble stones, incense, oracle cards and so much more!!

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A space to connect with your inner self and embrace the journey of self love through cultivating a loving kindness relationship with YOU

  • 5* REVIEW

    I had a wonderful reiki practice and angel reading session with Mita and came away feeling very enlightened and inspired. Mita has such a lovely presence about her and made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole session. She radiates so much positivity and was very attentive to what I wanted to get out of the session. I would highly recommend Mita’s services- you won’t be disappointed! - Charley Gostellow

  • 5* REVIEW

    I have received a beautiful personalised shopping experience with Mita yesterday in her lovely Reiki room where I got to look at all the beautiful crystals she has available as well as beautiful Oracle Cards which I was very drawn to and just had to purchase!
    Mita has lots of beautiful crystals including raw rocks which are just magical!
    I highly recommend her and will most definitely purchase from her again! Thank you ✨🌸 - Edyuta Kujawa

  • 5* REVIEW

    Reiki with Mita allows your mind and body to relax and recharge. Mita’s Angel cards are so insightful and her warm and loving presence induces natural healing - Minal T

  • 5* REVIEW

    My first time having Reiki and I was blown away by how relaxing and soothing the treatment was.
    Mita allowed me to really tap into my energy and I could feel it flowing through me. I felt like a lot had been released and I looking forward to seeing her regularly to further enhance on my chakras and my energy flow.
    Mitas approach to the treatment was just so warm and open, I felt very at ease. I would highly recommend for anyone seeing to enhance their flow. Thanks Mita - see you next month - Lola & Pari