Treatments and Practices

Mita is a Holistic Therapist offering a range of infused energy intuitive guidance and treatments based on your needs.    

* If you have any questions, medical conditions or concerns please consult your GP before booking with me - thank-you*    
2 hour Journey Deep Healing - £99

Here, I invite you to join me on a sacred journey, I hold space and together we will sit with heartwarming and heart-opening Cacao/Tea to aid the journey to connect with self and heal which may involve guided sound meditation, incorporating soothing tones or nature sounds to promote relaxation. Reiki is a gentle energy healing technique, to balance energy centres. The session may include self-reflection exercises, encouraging introspection and mindfulness. Throughout, fostering an environment of tranquillity and self-discovery is crucial, allowing you to explore and nurture your inner self.

Reiki - £55

Energy is everywhere – we are energy! Rei means ‘universal’ and Ki means 'life force energy' – a technique which involves placing the hands over the body to promote healing on many levels  - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Reiki is natural and safe, non-evasive and can also be shared virtually. It is a complementary therapy which helps to manage symptoms and improve general well-being.

Benefits of Reiki

Promotes harmony and balance
Aids healing 
Relieves pain, anxiety, and fatigue
Enhances quality of life
Boosts mood
Relieve stress

Group sessions Or 121 sessions are available.

Whichever way we connect, my goal is to guide you through a journey to empower you to LOVE YOU


Benefits of Meditation

Physiologically aids relaxation, enhances the immune system, aids pain relief, lower blood pressure, decreased anxiety and stress

Psychologically builds trusting the self, manage stressful thought, increase activity, develops intuition, form better relationships, generates compassion and kindness to self and others, offers a wider perspective, and gain focus and clarity.

Spiritually helps to discover your purpose, grow wisdom, and harmony to body, mind and spirit, increase a sense of gratitude encourage growth in all aspects of positive human qualities, and experience a sense of trust and oneness. 
Reflexology - £55

This involves applying pressure to the feet, which stimulates reflex points connected to the body system. 
Benefits of Reflexology 
Enhances relaxation
Improves blood flow 
Unblock nerve impulses
Reduce pain 
Relieves stress
Aromatherapy – £55 
Relax and unwind with a soothing massage - a blend of essential oils used with a carrier base to create a tranquil ambience. 
Benefits of Aromatherapy 
Promotes a sense of relaxation
Relieves pain
Improves mood
Eases stress 

Hot Stone Therapy
A thermal stone massage gives a deep massage which enhances a Swedish massage – leaving the client feeling warm and wonderful. The treatment uses warm basalt stones on energy points throughout the body to rebalance and harmonise.
Benefits of Hot Stone Massage 

Relaxing tense muscles
Aids pain relief
Uplifting mood
Promoting sleep
Improving circulation
on request only 
60min £55 / 90min £77
Benefits of Thai Massage
Improves Circulation
Helps Relax Muscles and Relieve Pain
Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion
Helps Relieve Headaches
Helps Promote Mental Calmness
Helps Improve Energy Levels
Improves Quality of Sleep

Love Your Presence
Together, we will create a shared space of a friendly and non-judgmental environment where the only thing that matters is “wellness”.
Would you appreciate time out from your busy life to enjoy the moment?
Would you like relief from the anxieties of life and appreciate deep relaxation?
Would you like to pause so that you can reduce stress and press reset?
Would you like to improve your focus, direct your attention and reignite your spark?
Would like to deepen your experience into meditation and more?
Maybe you’ve already stepped into the foray of self-care, empowerment and love.

Whether you need some self-care, relaxation,
Come along and pause to cultivate - reset
and reignite your spark or simply enjoy the moment - love your presence and nourish your soul - meditate and feel the change!