About MITA

My journey… 

It’s all about LOVING YOUR PRESENCE .... I am so passionate about living a life of JOY and sharing the tools that can guide and support others who are on a journey of self-discovery – and those who want to make a difference in their day to day life by living more consciously – living in the moment – it’s a practice, not something that happens over-night and it’s a lifelong practice, as you go through life, different challenges arise and obstacles are being faced – how does one respond and manage certain situations ?? 

I found myself overwhelmed and lost, confused through the journey of peri menopause.  In 2016 – I thought I’d been through the worst after going through a divorce with 2 kids, but noooo, the universe had more in store for me!!! Throughout my journey there has been lots of joy, love and laughter, and endless beautiful experiences, remarried to a beautiful, kind loving soul and another bubble of joy came along too, added 2 fluffy dogs to our growing family, however, I totally felt consumed by symptom after symptom – hot flush, anxiety, pains, low moods, I could go on, endless trips to see the doctors!

 I found a great app which I started using daily – a total godsend - I was guided by my instinct to go “inside” and sit in calmness and learn to undo a belief system that was not actually mine – I peeled away layers and become free from so much that I had been holding on to without even realising – I learnt the best way to manage my symptoms, not in the most conventional way, however through the journey of connecting with myself – MEDITATION  and then REIKI energy healing – this aided my practice and healing –  in combination with great talking therapy, it has supported me and I feel more aligned now more than ever, - though at times I have felt like I have been going through a storm - believe me it happens often and constantly looking for answers and some sort of relief .. due to the changes in my body, the waves of perimenopause, anxiety, and life in general - WHO AM I thoughts, what's my PURPOSE!! I pause and I go inside, I meditate - accepting the present moment, embracing and reminding myself that the moment is where the magic is. Meditation and Reiki have led me to so many wonderful magical moments and hence I wish to share with you all with that life is to be appreciated and celebrated. We are all unique individuals and our breath and energy is the core fundamental force that creates so much magic and well-being.


Everything we are looking for must be found in the here and now.
— Thich Nhat Hanh

Through energy work – USUI REIKI, Meditation and breathwork – this practice has opened me to a space where I feel most at ease and connected with my inner self, to simply BE, true and authentic and live with love and purpose.  


By creating a space of wellness for myself I have taken steps to grow and provide a space for YOU – to listen and discover your WHY and PURPOSE and guide you to a space to



My invitation is to LOVE YOUR PRESENCE, to love yourself wholeheartedly.


To be present in the here and now, breathing, is a miracle.  

— Thich Nhat Hanh


Love Your Presence is a space for you to be present.


Pause and be in the moment

Connect and let the energy flow

Accept and embrace who you are

Be kind to yourself and nourish your soul.